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Your Guide to reaching out to the introvert Christian

Your Guide to Reaching Out to that Introvert Christian

There are many misconceptions about introverts and introversion. Introverts basically get their energy from time spent away from others. This does not mean that introverts detest people and getting together but they do have limited energy to spend on such. Here are some tips on how to reach out to your introvert brethren.


Personal space

Unless you have known each other a long time and are very close, keep the greetings to verbal one or a short handshake if you really want to push it. Any other form might feel like an assault.


Quality over quantity

Introverts do yearn for friendship and connections but they prefer deep and meaningful ones even if that means their circle get a bit small.


Quality events

As they have limited energy to spare, you might want to skip that bi-weekly pre-midweek night first service first batch meeting. Even the pastor does not attend every meeting/ event in the church.


There’s always tomorrow

You might have had a hard time coercing them to finally go to an event but resist the urge to squeeze out every minute possible. Again, the quality over quantity outlook applies here.


Recharge time

Unfortunately, there is no powerbank invented yet for the introvert. They will yearn to be in the comfort of their homes or quiet spot from time to time. 


Introvert activities are valid

No, this is not the case of the demon possessed man living by himself in the burial caves. They’re probably just reading a book or playing some video game to recharge.


Do not shove into the spotlight

Whether it be in a positive or negative note (for the latter, you really shouldn’t do it to anyone anyway), avoid directing unnecessary attention to them. A private acknowledgment or rebuke, whichever the case maybe, probably would be more appreciated.


It’s alright, they are listening

They are perfectly comfortable listening to you (as long as you make sense, of course). Response might be limited, but don’t take it as a sign of disinterest.


SMS, PM, email (you get the idea) over calls

Written forms of communication allows more time for processing and internalization. You would probably get a better response than calling outright.


Accept them as they are

Introversion is not a shell to come out of but a beautiful part of someone’s personality. Learn to appreciate the differences of people and the balance it brings to our lives.






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