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Which Overwatch Support Character Are You?

Overwatch, 2016’s game of the year is now on its 2nd anniversary. One hero category unfortunately doesn’t share the same limelight as others do (which seems to be the case in many games), the support class. Let’s show our healers some love!


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Ana (Ana Amari)

“I’ve seen worse, you’re going to live.”

First one up, Ana is a mixture of tough love and grandmother’s cooking. Undoubtedly cool but strict at the same time, this sniper is the best of both worlds! I mean, she even “rose” from the dead. *wink wink* Nana Amari gets the job done no matter how hard the mission is!


Brigitte (Brigitte Lindholm)

"This is all part of the learning process."

Love working out and don’t mind some elbow grease? Brigitte is the game’s latest addition to the support class and she surely is one tough chick. Unlike her peers, Brigitte is a front-line unit and is unafraid to face the challenges ahead of her. She’s beauty, brains, and brawn all packed under that armor.


Lucio (Lúcio Correia dos Santos)

"Come on, let’s bring it together!"

Need a pep-talk? Lucio is dat boi you need. Truly a team player, he’s just what you need to keep your spirits up. He’s someone who “who inspires social change through his music and actions”. If you’re an optimist inspired by your struggles in the past, you might be able relate to this guy.


Mercy (Angela Ziegler)

“We could all use a helping hand sometime.”

Mercy is that nice and helpful friend that we have. Just be careful not to make her angry or else you’ll regret it! She’s definitely the mom of your friend group. This person is calm and collected, but don’t say we didn’t warn you about her when she loses her cool! She’s a valkyrie for a reason.


Moira (Moira O'Deorain)

“Your contributions are to be commended.”

Oh Aunt Moira! She’s not only the brainiest one in the bunch; Moira is also the most tenacious. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Her persistence and stubbornness might not always be the best for her but sometimes it pays off. Her methods aren’t what you could call conventional.


Zenyatta (Tekhartha Zenyatta)

“Embrace tranquillity.”

Everyone in the support class is cool but have you seen Zenyatta? If being zen and coolness had a meeting point that would be Zenyatta. This pacifist loves helping other people grow too! Zenyatta sees the good in everyone and tries to bring out the best in them. Yes –even stubborn ninja cyborgs! Zen is as versatile as healers go. Like Mercy, it might be pretty bad if you make Zen angry considering how chill he is –no pun intended!


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