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What Did Jesus Do on Wednesday?


As I was reading the bible this morning, I remember Passion week and what Jesus could have done on that holy day. Everybody knows what He did each day of Easter week except for Wednesday. In fact, scholars have marked this day as “Silent Wednesday.”

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For Theologians, they believe that Wednesday was the day referred to in this passage

“Then one of the twelve, whose name was Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests” - Matthew 26:14


Judas betrayed Jesus in exchange for thirty silver coins.


So what was Jesus doing while his life was being sold for a small amount?

We know that the Passover meal was drawing near and Jesus stayed in Bethany throughout that week.


Mary and Martha were the hosts so they probably helped with the dinner planning, right?



Imagine how Jesus felt knowing the sacrifice he needs to make while everybody was probably bustling around for the preparations.


Do you think Jesus thought about His close friends and disciples; grieved for He, too, will miss sitting and chatting with them everyday as He ascends to God’s kingdom in heaven?


Somehow, I feel that Wednesday was Jesus’ silent day. A quiet day when Jesus sat and pray to The Father. I think that before He is the son of God, He is human like us. That’s why He understands us above anyone else, even ourselves. He expected physical pain for His human body. He felt humiliation. He also understood and accepted His purpose.


Wednesday may have been the day Jesus chose to spend privately with God. Maybe we can consider doing the same. God would love to have that time with you.


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