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Top Christian Movies to Binge Watch Anytime

Movies about our faith also make it mainstream. Surprised? Check out this list of family-friendly faith-based flicks that you can binge watch any time of the year.


“God’s Not Dead 2”

The highly anticipated sequel to “God’s Not Dead” involves a high school teacher (played by Melissa Joan Hart) who gets into legal trouble after answering a student’s question about Jesus. It explores the heated political environment teachers must work in today, and how to balance work and faith. Watch “God’s Not Dead 2” before the third installation comes out in 2018.


“The Case for Christ: The Faith Documentary”


Lee Strobel's bestselling book comes to life in this unforgettable documentary that chronicles the reporter's journey from atheism to faith. The former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune draws upon his investigative skills to examine the historical viability of the Gospels, the claims and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Was Jesus the Son of God? Did He die for the sins of the world? Was His resurrection from the dead a myth or the most important event in human history? 


“To Joey, with Love”


This touching ‘vlog’-style Christian movie, written and directed by Rory Feek, tells the story of a beloved country music star’s battle with cancer. Written in honor of his late wife, Joey Feek, the movie includes  actual video footage of the couple and their young daughter, as well as interviews with the country music duet prior to Joey’s passing. It’s a sad, yet inspiring testament of a husband’s faith after tragedy. 


“A Man Called Jon”


This popular Christian movie centers on one man, Pastor Jon, who struggles to find his place after his congregants refuse to accept his worship style. His unusual style of praise forces him to switch churches multiple times in an effort to find a congregation where he fits in. This heartwarming comedy-drama points out that sometimes God uses us the most through what makes us different.




This 2015 Christian drama film is based on the true story of football player Tony Nathan. “Woodlawn” captures one boy’s tumultuous journey through desegregation at Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Ala. in 1973. It takes place amid riots, cross burnings, and racial tensions. Tony discovers that the only way forward is to follow Jesus.


“The Way Home”


Based on an inspiring true story, “The Way Home” explores the strength of faith and community in the most difficult times. A small town rallies around a distraught family after a 2-year-old boy goes missing. The true story took place in the town of Carrollton, Texas involving a man named Randy Simpkins. Actor Dean Cain portrays Simpkins during this terrifying time. “The Way Home” presents an extreme test of faith.



Do you have other faith movies in mind? Let us know in the comments! We look forward to watching some cool ones.


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