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The Avengers Squad of The Old Testament

Everyone’s excited for the upcoming culmination of all of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe movies this April. Here’s something to keep you busy while waiting – which characters in the Old Testament are akin to the members of the Avengers?  Here’s our alternate world take on it:


Captain America – David

Both started out as a scrawny kid that nobody takes seriously. This limitation did not hinder their zeal in fighting for their respective countries. Doing the right thing is a common theme even if that means going up against people twice his size. Did you see how Cap went up to Thanos’ face and blocked that punch?


Iron Man – Solomon

What do these heroes have in common? They both have the same superpower – they’re rich. Of course, Solomon is more widely known for his intellect but Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man, is no short in the mind prowess department either. We don’t know if mixing riches with intellect results to depressing thoughts, which is apparent on both but, have you read the book of Ecclesiastes? Melancholic stuff right there. Also similar between the two figures is their penchant for women. Solomon wins this round though (I doubt Tony Stark could get seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines).


The Incredible Hulk – Samson

The big guns in terms of brute strength. Did you know that Samson once killed a thousand men with just a donkey’s jawbone? Can you just imagine him doing this while saying, “Samson, smash!” After their exploits, both can be calmed by the women in their lives. Luckily for Hulk, Black Widow selling him out seems farfetched.


Thor – Moses

Rejecting the lofty positions they were entitled to to pursue their calling, they still found themselves  chosen to lead their people in the wilderness. Although, the Asgardians’ predicament was not so good last time we saw them.


Black Widow – Esther

A strategist, tactician and a spy, Romanov a.k.a. Black Widow can have navigate her way in the maze of politics. Though not a spy herself, Esther successfully navigated through the political waters of her time and managed to save her people (and herself) from certain doom.


Black Panther – Joseph

Leaders of advanced civilizations on their respective timelines, their vast resources are a big help to their teams. Much more so with Joseph, as he was able to help the whole nation. Family issues plagued both of them before being in these positions, though. They also have these awesome dream/ dreamlike sequences.


Spiderman – Elisha

The all too enthusiastic prodigy who went on to have a double portion of his master. The latest version of Peter Parker a.k.a. Spiderman seems poised to be taking a lot of cues from his new mentor and idol Tony Stark. From “staying close to the ground and building up his game helping the little people” to the awesome new suit we saw on the trailer. Sadly, we know where this mentorship is probably going. Elisha did lose his mentor in the end so that he could step up.


Dr. Strange – Elijah

Powerhouses of the spiritual realm. Of all the prophets, Elijah seems to have the least effort and utmost confidence in calling in miracles from God. Even his earthly life ended not by dying physically, but by entering heavenly realm alive. He also leads a school of those with the same gifts as him. Kamar-Taj anyone?


Vision – Daniel

Vision was brought into the physical world abruptly by Tony Stark and friends. Here, he learns what it is to be among beings foreign to him. In a way, Daniel was among those that were taken captive by Babylon and was forced to learn their foreign ways. One could say they can remain eerily calm in dire situations. Know anyone that can spend a night in a lion’s den and not freak out?


Scarlet Witch – Ruth

Initially outsiders, they have demonstrated great loyalty in the end. Ruth, coming from Moab, a nation which Israel has a love-hate relationship and Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. Scarlet Witch initially siding with Ultron. Ruth displays this loyalty to her mother-in-law, Naomi, not wanting to leave her at any cost. Both also have tremendous impacts as Wanda becomes one of the most powerful characters in Marvel and Ruth becomes the great grandmother of David.