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The 15 Coolest Churches in the World

Every religion has its own sanctuary where people can connect and praise the Lord. Some of them have extraordinary design and deserve to be on this list. No matter what religion, you must love the amazing architecture.


1. Stykkishólmskirkja church

Very modern structure which doesn’t look like a church, but it is. It is based in Iceland in 1980. Drawing attention from far away. There’s even a hospital along with monastery.


2. Sagrada Familia 

Sagrada Familia

You all know the famous Gaudi and his masterpiece. He dedicated his life to it; more than 40 years of projecting. This basilica looks like something out of this world.


3. Borgund Stave

borgund stave church

Back on the north to Norway and another miracle is there. Since twelfth century the church has kept its original look. Another 27 churches are not so well preserved as this one. Another great thing about this construction is that it’s all made of wood.


4. St. George


Lalibela, Ethiopia is one of the greatest designs of all time. Completely made from a rock in the shape of the cross. Leaves everyone without the words.


5. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

If you wonder why is salt in the name of the church, then here is the answer. This church is in located in Colombia where once there was a salt mine. The whole mountain is salt and you must go into the tunnel to get to the chapel.


6. Las Lajas

Miracles are true and this construction is proving that. Maria Mueces and her daughter saw the lightning and Virgin Mary showed her the church and there it is. Fulfillment of the vision now standing above the river Guitara.


7. Notre Dame Cathedral

Catholic Gothic Cathedral located in Paris is one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in the world. Famous for the famous vitrages, organs, sculptures, and paintings. Something you must see.


8. Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia

Once a sanctuary, now a museum. Demolished three times, but manage to remain in its glow. Served three religions and millions of people. Hagia Sophia is one of the largest churches in the world with an architecture of Byzantium and Ottoman empire.


9. St. Peter

St. Peter church

This list would be empty without the Basilica di San Pietro, Vatican. We can thank for this beauty to the Michelangelo, Donato Bramante, Carlo Maderno and Bernini. You can simply feel the Renaissance in the air.


10. Brasilia Cathedral

Brasilia Cathedral

The capital of Brazil is not just home of the soccer, Oscar Niemeyer made something unique and characteristic for him. The main structure is rounded with sixteen concrete pillows. The whole build represents the opening hand towards the sky.


11. Saint Basil Cathedral

Back at the cold land in Russia on the Red Square with an orthodox church. Amazing construction in various colors. Ivan the Terrible wasn’t so terrible after all. In fact, he commissioned the church.


12. Reading Between the lines church

Reading Between the lines church

The architectural design has made a great progress during the centuries. In Belgium, another work of art is made more for admiring than worshiping God. The small church, but gets the feeling of lines floating in the air.


13. Air Force Academy Church

Air Force Academy chapel

Modern architecture has made a connection with the Air Force. This building is proof of that. The Chapel looks like 17 jets are back to back to back. No matter what religion a soldier is, there is a place for him in this awesome church.


14. Paraportiani church

Paraportiani church

Even we don’t know the actual architect of this building, we know it means ‘door’ on the Greek language. The name was given because of the entrance, which was next to the castle. All white church has 4 churches inside one.


15. Hallgrimskirkja


The biggest church in Iceland has outstanding tower reaching 73m. It is dedicated to the famous poet Hallgrimur Petursson. The only way to the top of the church is an elevator. The other poles beside the tower look like a big church organ.



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