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Sinfully Chocolate

One of my favorite flavors of ice cream is called Sinfully Chocolate. It’s so dark and rich and it tastes amazing and I love it. However, there’s something about Sinfully Chocolate which apparently disagrees with my stomach, and shortly after eating it, I find myself running to the bathroom. It’s a pretty bad time for myself and anyone who can hear the sounds coming from that bathroom.


Yet without fail, almost every time I go I still decide to get that Sinfully Chocolate ice cream. You would think by now that I would have developed better discernment about it, especially with a name like “Sinfully Chocolate.”


Proverbs 26:11 - Like a dog that returns to his vomit is a fool who repeats his folly.


The imagery of this verse is repeated at the end of the second chapter of 2nd Peter. Throughout that chapter, we read warnings about false prophets and not to be given over to words and ideas that entice our flesh to be given over to sin.


Sound Theology:


I shouldn’t be defining Scripture.

Scripture should be defining me.


Humans like to make themselves feel good. Often times this complicates our human view of God’s Word. We take a verse to mean something it doesn’t, and use it as an excuse to justify our sinful behavior.


2nd Peter 2:1 says false teachers will be found inside the church, which should be taken as a double warning. We should watch out for them, and also make sure we don’t become one of them.


These false prophets will twist Scripture in a way that is pleasing to our ears, but blasphemous to the Spirit. They say things like, “it’s okay to smoke marijuana, because Genesis says plants are good for us” or “it’s technically not gossip because I’m telling you so that you can pray for them” or “it’s okay to watch porn and masterbate because that’s just natural for humans and God made us that way.”


These people are turning Christians from the truth of God’s Word and spreading a false doctrine among them.


So how can I know if something is sound theology or if it’s false doctrine?


1) What does the Bible say?

     - What is the verse in question?

2) What is the context?

     - What do the surrounding passages say about this verse?

3) Does the thought line up with the rest of Scripture?

     - Where else is this subject mentioned in the Bible?




Over and over, there are stories in the news of well-respected people, ministers, politicians, and strangers getting in trouble for having a secret life of sin once they’re out of the spotlight.


It’s somewhat terrifying to think that we now live in a world where all of these things which were once simple to keep hidden are now so easily being exposed.


But who am I to judge? I have plenty in my own life to be ashamed of. We all do. Yet we have a tendency to degrade those who have been exposed to make ourselves feel better about our own hidden secrets.


Christ has called us all to repentance, which means leaving our lives of sin and pursuing his righteousness.


One of the most healthy things for a Christian is accountability, yet so many, myself included, are slow to seek it out. I think, “oh, I’ve got this, I don’t need prayer, or encouragement, or a voice of wisdom,” and then I end up getting myself stuck somewhere I don’t want to be.


Pride will destroy a Christian from the inside if the issue of their heart is never shared and accountability is never sought out.


One of the reasons Christ established the church was so that we wouldn’t have to face the world alone. We have brothers and sisters in Christ who can encourage us and check up on us to hold us accountable and build us up in Christ, but how will they know what we need prayer for if we don’t share it with them?


So how do I have accountability in my life?


1) Who are your leaders?

    -God has strategically placed people in your life who can help you in your trials and weaknesses.

2) Pray.

    -Spend time talking to God about your problems, instead of trying to figure them out on your own.

3) Read the Bible and obey what it says.

    -God gave you the ultimate info packet on facing this life. Study it. Apply it to your life.

-Michael Schaffer (Content Lead @ Memes For Jesus)