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Church story of the Week
Thanks to everyone who submitted their stories! If you haven't submitted yours you can here. (If yours didn't win, all submitted stories are in the running for following weeks)
My pastor husband tends to get his words a little mixed up, 
especially when he's passionately speaking about something.
When the tsunami hit Japan, he felt a deep need to have our
church interceed in prayer for them. As he was standing at
the pulpit deep in prayer, he mixed up the word "tsunami"
with "salami" and very passionately prayed that everyone in
the path of the salami would be kept safe and that the salami
would not take lives, that no one in Asia would be hit with
the salami, etc.... it wasn't until most of the church was
laughing that he suddenly realized what was wrong.
Fortunately we were at a very gracious church that enjoyed
his mishaps, and extended lots of grace!

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