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Church Story of the Week
Thanks to everyone who submitted their stories! If you haven't submitted yours you can here. (If yours didn't win, all submitted stories are in the running for following weeks)

When my son was young, having just learned to write, he thought he would jokingly add to the bulletin my Pastor husband was working on. So under "weekly announcements" in a font 3 times the size of the rest of the announcements, he wrote in all caps his own "announcement. He had figured his dad would easily see it and remove it and have a good laugh. Unfortunately, he didn't realize that my husband had already done his proof reading and was getting ready to print the bulletin. Sunday morning rolled around and as my husband was making the weekly announcements you could suddenly see his mouth drop in shock, around that time you should also hear gasps, laughter and murmuring amount the congregants as they all were informed in large letters "DAD FARTS".
- Tracy
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