Church Signs This Week

Church Signs This Week


Sizzling hot off Twitter! The most recent #churchsigns posts. Gosh, they are hilarious! And aaawesome!

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Here's our 10 favorites this week! Note: In no particular order because we just can't decide which is fun, funnier, and funniest.



Oh, in the Garden of Eden!



C'mon brother, pray with me! I can just imagine our pastor wearing this shirt.



Jesus is my superman!




Cold, hard words. Thanks!



Probably not the right day to wear my Jesus Saves Hockey shirt. Just sayin!



And pair that with a cup of Starbucks latte.



All the way from Easter! Because we love the message. #inspirational



Oh yeah, real talk. Just do it!



Not today, Satan.



Finally... may the force be with you all this week!


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