Christian Workout Songs for Spring Cleaning 2018


Is it time yet for that annual spring cleaning? Sweep in those dusty floors, desks, and cabinets and throw in some quick fixes around the house under the cool breeze of the spring season. What better way to keep motivated into working out (yes, cleaning the house is a kind of workout, too!) than listen to Christian music, right?

Why Listen to Christian Songs

The music industry has come a long way from Frank Sinatra to Beatles and now Jay-Z. Most of the songs today are the ones we want to guard our minds from. As a Christian, you would want to free your mind from all the explicit theme and content brought about by today’s top R ‘n B and pop hits. Your best choice is to listen to Christian Music.

Christian music is about worship. But no, they are not just boring songs like the gospels you sing in church. Christian music’s got solid beats! And what’s more fun? You don’t have to guard your mind from these beautiful songs.

Get inspired! Feel refreshed and get your groove going with this list of awesome Christian Songs to motivate you on your next spring cleaning-slash-workout.


The Ultimate Christian Song Playlist to Warm You Up

Ryan Stevenson – Eye Of the Storm

Ryan Stevenson, singer-song writer, shares the personal process and experiences that fueled this chart-topping song. He shares a beautiful message from God that “He is able to work all things together for good.” It can be difficult to believe especially in the middle of darkness but we do. Because we believe that God has varying degrees of goodness.


“Move (Keep Walkin’)” - TobMac

TobyMac helped bring hip hop into the Christian genre. He has been a guiding mentor for fellow Christian artists, Hollyn and Ryan Stevenson, and helped get their names known. As if this wasn’t enough for his duties, he’s continuously making great music. From his album This Is Not A Test, “Move (Keep Walkin’)” is a song that encourages you to never give up.


“Feet, Don't Fail Me Now” - NEEDTOBREATHE

Getting tired of the mainstream sound? Check out this track from Needtobreathe to get you back on track with Christian Music. They are one of the hottest Christian bands who know how to put out some good tunes, thus gathering a crossover charm. “Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now” is a good song to push you further as you go through the hardest times in your life – or in your workout.


“Send me/Represent” - 116 Feat. Lecrae

Lecrae is arguably the most popular Christian rapper. "Send Me/Represent" is actually a mashup of Lecrae and another awesome Christian rapper, 116. The beat will hype up your energy in the middle of your workout. This track also give you a little swagger which you can groove to.

“Monster” - Skillet

Skillet is probably one of the greatest and known Christian rock bands ever and this song lives up to their standards. You don't want repetitive music in your playlist so this one should definitely be somewhere in your track. "Monster" is a good mix of rap and rock music which creates a lively beat that will keep you pumped up in your workout.


How To Organize Your Playlist

Most playlists last for an hour to a half. It is best to arrange your music starting from slow beats to warm you up. Then you can gradually move to fast, rap, and a mix of songs in between so you don't get bored. Cap it off with slow and steady beats to help you cool down. 

There are plenty of Christian songs that you can add to this list. If you don't want to download each and every song, go to YouTube and check out some cool Christian Song playlists.

Listen to these songs to get yourself ready for that big cleaning-workout weekend this spring! Enjoy!

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