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9 Latter-Day Saints Puns That Are So Bad they’re Actually Hilarious

Puns come from everywhere and between. These 9 LDS Church puns are so lame that they can pass for eternal punishment. You will find yourself laughing at how appalling they are.


- King Lamoni thought Ammon was a rather disarming fellow. 

- It's no wonder any of the 2000 stripling warriors weren't hurt; they had Heal-a-man as their leader. 

- What is a vampire's least favorite church meeting? Stake conference.

- What do you call an alligator in a vest? An in-vest-igator! (Not LDS but we couldn't help ourselves)


mormon memes 

From Mormon Link


 mormon memes

Josh Mayberry, Mormon Memes


 mormon memes

 mormon memes


mormon memes

From Mormon Memes


Do you know any other cringe-worthy religious puns? Share your favorites in the comments and let’s laugh the night away!

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