8 Amazing Witnessing Opportunities

8 Amazing Witnessing Opportunities

Incredible Witnessing Opportunities:


There’s no greater calling in life than The Great Commission, and as Christians, we are all able to participate in this amazing calling!


I remember one year when I was in ministry school, we went to New Orleans for a ministry trip, to help serve a local church during the week of Mardi Gras. While we were down there, I ran into a couple dressed as The Joker and Harley Quinn. I got to chat with them for a bit about comics and find out where they were from, and talk about how much we love the beignets from Cafe Du Monde. After chatting for a bit, I was able to bring up that I was in town for the week as part of a ministry opportunity, and got to pray with them to have a safe drive home the next day, and let them know that Jesus loves them. It was an incredible opportunity to share God’s love with people who weren’t expecting it.


I asked the Memes For Jesus community if they had ever had any interesting or unexpected witnessing opportunities, and have gathered a few of my favorites to share with you today!


@dan273ny :

Yo so I was like sitting in art class and this guy who's always baked just randomly asked me "hey you ever hear of Christianity" and I was like "uh yeah I'm a Christian lol" and it was strange cus I had never witnessed like that before.


@the_last_ramseykid :

I was at a lady's house cleaning her air ducts and I told her I was not from Wisconsin and that I actually moved here to start a college ministry. She asked me all about it and actually got to talk about who God is with her. Cool moment.


@kbogle7 :

So we were prayer walking downtown. We were asking everyone we passed if we could pray for them about anything. Towards the end of the walk we came across a homeless guy who wouldn't let us pray for him but he wanted to pray for us. He said that he was a former pastor who chose to live on the streets in order to minister to other homeless people. We said he could pray for us. So he started a brief one sentence prayer and then proceeded to beatbox while in prayer for the next several minutes before saying amen. I will never know if he was crazy or just had a very unique prayer language. But I wish there was a rap interpretation that happened.


@meisnerman :

Did an impromptu weeklong solo trip to Cincinnati last year. Was planned to be a fun thing for me, that's it. (Payed my respects to Harambe of course. 😇) So my Airbnb, which was 20 bucks a night, and I slept in the guy’s own bed, was the home of three Muslim roommates. I knew next to nothing about Islam at the time, so when I woke up at 3 am and needed water and the lights were all on, I was confused. I walk out of my room to find them cooking eggs and pancakes and whole menagerie of breakfast food, get my water, and go back to sleep. Fast forward to my last night in Cincinnati, I got home late and passed one of the guy's roommates on his way to class. I was worried it would be awkward, but I went ahead and asked him why they were all up so late. He told me all about how the month of Ramadan works, and that single awkward question led to us sitting in the living room for 3 hours talking about faith. His Muslim faith, and my Christian. He tried to tell me how similar they were, and in doing so, showed me how different they were instead. I used Raiders of the Lost Ark to explain what the ark of the covenant was, told him about Samson and david, all these stories he'd never heard, and HE LISTENED!!! The night ended with me giving him my apologetics Bible (of all kinds right?!) And pointed him to the Gospels. He explained that the muslim faith held the Bible as a holy book, but that didn't actually read it. They only believed what Jesus (only a prophet to them) and some of the other "great prophets" like moses or abraham or elijah said. So I figured if he would read anything, it should be the gospels because that's where Jesus is. I have no idea if he threw that Bible away or actually read it, but of all the events I'd planned for the week that evening was by far my favorite part of the trip.


@swimmer_kayl :

Once my older brother and I were getting frostys at about 10pm, we were going to park and eat them but there was a couple with a stroller. So to avoid freaking them out we pulled into the gas station next to the Wendy's, the same couple ended up going into the gas station and it turned out I sorta knew them. We went in after them to talk to them, we had a conversation about church and stuff while I was buying a twix bar. After they left I ended up getting into a great conversation with the cashier lady about Christ and the Church and I got to pray with her and gave her a gospel track I had. When my brother and I got back to the car he was amazed and asked how i seemed to so easily go up to random people and ask them how i can pray for them. This was after he had gotten back from 6 months with YWAM, he said it was great studying but he couldn't go up to people and just start conversations like that. Overall a great experience with that couple, the cashier, AND my big brother.


@t4goodro :

Online, over the DM chat of Runescape. I was typing out Bible verses and sharing my testimony as fast as I could. My mom was saying that my computer time was I up and I yelled down to her, "I'm sharing the Gospel, Mom!"


@calerfinker :

Me and a friend went out to a caffe for a night. He's very religious in his current faith. Then he started asking questions about Jesus and the Bible. We ended up spending a couple of hours talking and debating about the Gospel and the Bible. He was never really open to talking about different faiths other than his own before that night.


There’s no doubt that God ordains specific opportunities in the strangest of places, for us to share His love with others. As believers, we should always be open to when the Lord presents us a chance to share our faith.


I hope these stories encourage you to be more open to special moments when you can share Jesus with others!


-Michael Schaffer (Content Lead @ Memes For Jesus)

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