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7 Tips to Achieve Success at Twenty



How do you achieve your dream life?

It is vital to build a solid foundation for success as early as in your twenties & thirties to ready yourself up for the future and enjoy a long-term fruitful life. There are a lot of things you can learn that are necessary to become successful. We have 7 of the most proven tips that can lead you to the top and we are thrilled to share these so that you can be successful, too!


#1. Enjoy writing about yourself and your life.

On a free day, sit back and write about all the significant events that have occurred in your life until now.  You can spare a few minutes of your time each day to express yourself through words. As you practice writing, you will eventually realize the things that make you unique. You have some of the best and rare experiences that have not happened to anyone else. Such milestones and memories will be useful in your future decisions so write them and keep hold of them forever.


#2. Develop your interpersonal skills.

The ability to smile, be confident and interact with everyone that you come in contact with is an invaluable skill. Compared to everyone else these days who are always engaged on mobile phones and gadgets, your social skills will prove as a better tool in meeting new connections that can help you become successful. Resist the urge of doing everything electronically. Although it is convenient, it does not help you improve your life in many ways. Invest in your interpersonal skills. If you haven’t taken a public speaking course in college, you might want to do it now.


#3. Develop a unique and well-rounded daily routine and practice it.

If you put God in the center of your life, you will not lose your focus and everything will fall into its right place in His perfect time. Incorporate God in your daily routine and make sure to spend time for him every single day. For example, in the middle of your afternoon while drinking tea or warm lemon water, read a few verses in the Bible before your next book. Allot time for your daily prayers and worship. Practice meditation to clear your mind and focus on the path to realizing your dreams and aspirations.


#4. Eliminate distractions that can lead you away from the right path.

This tip is pure GOLD, on-point and very important. I cannot stress it enough to stay away from temptations that can distract you from moving towards your goals. Dating sites, for example, or going to parties and watching senseless stuff on TV. The world is full of unnecessary enticements and you cannot be lured in. Fill that extra time instead with reading, writing, taking courses or doing new things every day. You just have to make the right choices in life to achieve success.


#5. Pick your favorite place and go there regularly.

We all have that favorite place that comforts us when we are sad, lonely or disappointed. It is our safe place that embraces our feelings and shoves all of our worries away. Other people use their favorite place as an inspiration or motivation so they pass by it every day. You should have your personal place, too.


#6. Keep a Bible, devotional and journal with you at all times.

We have heard of the saying “Out of sight, out of mind” and we tend to follow it closely without realizing. If we want God to be the center of our lives, we should read, live and share his teachings. If it is not there to remind you every day, the tendency is for you to forget about it. Keep God’s word close to you at all times so you can study it consistently and record in your journal your thoughts and feelings.


#7. Keep in heart, and not just in mind, God’s promises to you and mankind.

Spirit-Led Promises for Hope and Assurance by Passio is an inspirational book that I keep with me anywhere I go. I read it in the morning over coffee, during afternoon tea time and in bed before going to sleep. It has given me confidence in my faith and that standing on God's promises will give you the motivation you need to accomplish anything you want.

Jesus loves you more than kanye loves kanye
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