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7 Different Praying Styles

  1. The “pumping” worshiper

Probably experienced some hardcore rock concerts in their B.C. days, these worshipers like to throw a fist in the air. You will often find leather braided bracelets on their wrists and faded tattoos on their arms. We aren’t judging. Pump on, dude.


  1. The “two hands are better than one” worshiper

These hand praisers come in many forms, but you can guarantee no matter how they choose to use both hands, you will always be looking at—or smelling—someone’s armpit.  I don’t know about you, but it’s usually those earthy college girls that tend to do this. Whatever floats your boat.


  1. The “forklift” worshiper

These hands are low and stick straight out. We aren’t sure what they are coming for, but we  can only assume they are trying to forklift the presence of Jesus.


  1. The “chair gripper” worshiper

These people like to grip the back of the chair until their knuckles turn white. We can only hope they hold on to Jesus that tightly.

  1. The “nudger” worshiper

You know the kind. They stuff their hands into their pockets, but it’s their stabbing elbows that always jam right into your side. And you always find yourself swinging your hips side to side, trying to dodge the incoming elbow.


  1. The “No.1 fan” worshiper

We know God is No.1, but some people don’t want us to forget. So during worship, these people like to point that finger to the ceiling and raise their arm as high as possible. It’s almost as if it’s a competition.

  1. The “all of the above” worshiper

Unpredictable. You never know what gestures they are going to use in church.  Are they going to pump a fist? Wave them like they don’t care? Start a pointing competition? Or maybe they are going to invent some other unidentified move? No one really knows.



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