5+ Crazy Youth Group Game Stories

5+ Crazy Youth Group Game Stories

If you’ve ever been to church youth group, you know youth pastors can come up with the craziest game ideas. Whether it’s throwing cheese curls at someone with shaving cream on their face, or playing ultimate frisbee with a cow tongue, it seems like the possibilities for insane games are endless.

We asked our followers to send us their most wild youth group game experiences, and man did you guys come through! We picked our six favorite stories to share with you today:


From @erin.devries4

At our youth group retreat we had an ongoing intense game of what are the odds. Some if the things include one girl bumping into a guy and telling him she has a boyfriend. We named him Roger and made up a romance between them. I doubt the kid knows any of this. Also another one of the things was that same girl had to tell every person she saw that she liked croutons. Another one was that one night was super hero themed and there was a part where anyone could go up and say what super hero they would be. We got one of our leaders to go up and say she was super awkward and then go back to our table.

From @sanilasnitsuj

we were playing a game at our group based off of a mix of soccer + rugby, basically get a ball through a goal (doors on either end of our youth group room) by any means possible. so one night were playing and as always it was getting a bit rowdy, when all if a sudden I hear a CRASH and someone's hand went through a WINDOW. Like it just went through it. Wasn't a pretty sight. Like just blood spraying everywhere. Our youth pastor wasn't even at the church that night 😂😂 needless to say, we haven't played that game again since then (I think it's been 2.5 years)

From @cheloisnuttynuts

One time my youth pastor was teaching us not to return to the same sin, like dogs who eat their barf, so he brought up a wrapped up diaper with him. He explained that going back to our sin is like us eating our own 💩, so he opens the diaper and we see brown chunks and everything, he picks one up and takes a Big bite; and few of us fled for the bathroom at that point. We later found out it was melted Twix and Snickers.

From @drummer.for.life

One time, we had a girls vs boys game, where two girls had to finish eating the ice cream before the boys did, and they couldn’t use their hands. For me and my friend, the ice cream tasted funny but we wanted to win, so we kept going and we ended up loosing, the girls won, and we found out that the ice cream was frozen mayonnaise; I threw up the next morning before school.

From @zaitzhannah19

We once had a summer games, and one of the games was to run across a soapy tarp in a fridge box, go to the other side, run back to your team, and give the box to the next person. Bumping into people was allowed, and encouraged. This one kid thought he could scare me, so he ran straight at me...well, I wasn’t, so I shoulder checked him, and he went FLYING...my team won, needless to say lol

From @gator_girl_30

This is wild but just about the funnest game ever....every man for himself (alliances allowed) everyone uses a piece of floss and ties a saltine cracker to make it a "necklace"...next head to the basement where you choose your weapon....each one takes as many newspapers as they want and rolls them up to make a literal beating tool....game starts when you're let go outside. Point of the game is to be the last man standing with saltine cracker left hanging on your floss necklace! Pretty much run around like a buncha banchees and wack each other with hard rolled up newspapers until their cracker falls off....FUNNEST GAME EVER!


Man, and growing up, I thought my youth group was crazy! Do you have your own youth group stories? Be sure to share them with us. We’d love to hear from you!

-Michael Schaffer

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