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10 Must-Have Christian Mobile Apps to Nurture Your Faith

Today’s amazing pace of technological advancements has led us deskbound lives. But that does not mean that our faith in God should remain sedentary as well. Thanks to the invention of smartphones, portable Bibles, and other mobile apps are readily available for people who want to keep and strengthen their faith in in the Lord, despite their busy lives.

Here are our Top 10 Picks of Christian mobile applications that every God-fearing person must have.


1. YouVersion Bible App – The Best Bible App!

Description: This app has over 1,000 versions of the Bible with audio. You can search for hundreds of reading plans, bookmark your favorite verses, and get notifications for your daily dose of Bible verses. Spending an idle time in line waiting, just open the app and take a few moments to read God’s words. Turn to God anywhere you want and anytime you need to peace and encouragement.

Why you need it: It is your essential Bible that can fit into your pocket.

Cost: Free


2. Pray As You Go – Daily Prayer App

Description: A mobile prayer app comes in handy especially when you need that one moment to stop and feel connected to God. It combines music, text, and questions for reflection. This app produces a new prayer session from Mondays through Fridays and releases one session on the weekend.  This is not your typical ‘Thought for the Day’ or daily sermon, but rather a framework for your own daily prayer.

Why you need it: It is a helpful tool when distressed over something and in desperate need to connect with God anytime and anywhere.

Cost: Free


3. SermonAudio – Worldwide Downloadable Sermon Database

Description: Need to listen to sermons every day? Don’t fret. This app is an incredible resource of over 1.2 million sermons! Holy macaroni, now that’s a lot of Jesus talk! The mobile app has a search option so you can filter by topic, name of speaker, featured sermons, and others. The sermons, both in video and audio are also downloadable to your phone so you can review it even without an internet connection.

Why you need it: It has a vast database of sermons that you can download and review as needed.

Cost: Free!


4. Got Questions– Answers about Faith, God, Jesus, and the Christian Life.

Description: Have you ever wondered about God’s existence and asked what your purpose in life is? Such questions are perfectly normal because you are alive; therefore, you are one of God’s product of divine creation and receiver of His love. This app provides you inspiring insights of faith and life where you can share it with others, whether they are new to faith or life-long believers of the Lord.

Why you need it: A big part of our journey in this life deals with some very tough questions. This app can shed you enlightenment on faith and Christian Life.

Cost: Free!


5. iDisciple

Description: There are a gazillion of things that fascinate the human mind. This mind-blowing app offers insights to daily devotionals, growth plans in terms of spiritual, physical and life, career, family, purpose and even prayer. There is so much information you’ll wish you’ve known about this app sooner. Other subjects include Adoption & Foster Care, Bible, Children/Teens, Generation, Evangelism, Leadership, Life Challenges, Marriage, Men, Money, Parenting, Personal Productivity, Relationships, and World Views.

Why you need it: Because it can give you information just about anything and everything in life.

Cost: The App comes free with 3 books available. New books can be purchased at $4.99-$9.99.


6. Spotify – Music App

Description: This is an essential app every music lover must have! It’s typically free so almost everybody has it. Apart from your rock ‘n roll, pop and songs about moving on, Spotify also offers a wide range of religious songs. Depending on your mood, you can choose from relaxing, inspirational or uplifting playlists that you can play in the background as you read your daily verses or sermons. This is a good source of gratitude any time we want to sing His praises.

Cost: Free with Ads. Premium costs $7.99 ($4.99 for students) per month where you can play music ad-free and download music to listen to offline.


7. Daily Audio Bible – Exactly like it sounds.

Description: This daily Bible is in your favorite podcast form. Life can sometimes be chaotic that we do not have time to hold nor read the Bible. Some force to make it a habit and give-up 3 days later. This audio app proves helpful for workaholic people who do not have the hands and time to hold a book. They prefer to listen to the word of God in between meetings or during a 15-minute lunch break.  An everyday recording is released with a bible reading from the Old Testament, New Testament, a Psalm and a Proverb. Perfect for at night before bed or on a commute.

Why you need it: It’s a great way to hear the word of God more intimately.

Cost: Absolutely Free!


8. Storybook Bible for Kids – The Best Faith App for Kids!

Description: When God is the center of your family, your kids grow to be happy and confident adults. It is not easy to introduce God to toddlers. However, through this interactive mobile app, kids will enjoy reading and listening to the story of God with awesome graphics. Finally, there is a storybook to introduce them to our faith in God. It has all the meaningful content for the youngsters to treasure all their lives.

Why you need it: A go-to app for your kid’s bedtime stories.

Cost: Free as the birds in Noah’s ark!


9. You & Me Forever App – An Awesome App to Grow Your Marriage!

Description: Marriage is a holy sacrament with God as your witness. It should never be taken for granted even as challenges come your way. This app does not only send advice to couples but also exercises at the end of every chapter where you and your spouse can sit, talk and share together what you learned. Grow your marriage together and make cute kiddos that will even bring you more happiness. Videos and audio clips are available, too!

Why you need it: Because marriage is all about loving and supporting each other – in sickness and in health, ‘till death do you part.

Cost: Free.


10. EveryDollar App – Dave Ramsey Budgeting App

Description: Money makes the world go round, they say. I do not believe so but we need money to in order to eat and live. It is one source of stress that we can definitely control in manage. Thanks to financial expert, Dave Ramsey, he has shared the do’s and don’ts when it comes to handling money and it has materialized in this awesome and cool budgeting app.

Why you need it: Celebrating God’s gift of life with your hard work begins with learning to manage your money.

Cost: Free. You can sign up for a free account but would need an Every Dollar Plus Membership to attach your bank accounts.

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