10+ Insanely Weird Church Potluck Dishes

10+ Insanely Weird Church Potluck Dishes

I’ve been going to church my entire life and have attended many potluck dinners. Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten has been at these functions... along with some pretty weird food.

When I was living in Illinois, the church my father was pastoring would have potlucks a few times a year, and there would always be several kinds of “salad sandwiches.” Chicken salad sandwiches. Pepperoni salad sandwiches. Tuna salad sandwiches. Bologna salad sandwiches. You name it, we had it, and as someone who hates those kind of sandwiches, I would always just skip straight to dessert, since that’s where the really good food was anyway.

I would also always pass by a tray of “angel eggs,” because someone was afraid that if they called them “deviled eggs,” it would bring down a curse upon their family.

I decided it would be fun to hear from some of our followers, so I asked them what the weirdest foods they’ve had at church potlucks are. Here are my favorite responses:

@for.king.and.country_craver :
At one of our teen camps, we had breakfast. One of the adults brought cheese balls (the little crunchy artificial orange things) and Honey Nut Cheerios. Then he ate it, all together.


@mae_slays_all_day :
Jello molds with fruit and hot dog pieces in it.


@lauraderinda :
Once, there was a big bowl of dry Cookie Crisp cereal. I think someone tried to pass it as a desert 🤷‍♀️ Also, it's worth noting that this was in a Mennonite church, and Mennonites are supposedly renowned for their cooking skills.


@bryrae0430 :
Mac and cheese that is literalllllly so dry and miserable that you question if it is a made with powdered milk, tears, and a residual will to live.


@rwmarshall27 :
Beaver meatballs. Nuff said.



@jadyn.puckett :
Pickled watermelon. The texture was about the same so when you bite into the watermelon the juice was like vinegar instead of sweet. I have flashbacks from time to time and shiver at the thought.


@kbogle7 :
Mac and cheese with cat food. No lies. There is this guy who doesn't come to our church but always shows up to any meals we have. He brought a dish to a Thanksgiving dinner a while back and luckily one of our ladies asked him what it was. He said he wanted to make mac and cheese with ham but forgot to get the ham. He figured canned cat food was a good replacement.


@lillian.grace02 :
Some dude brought Raisin Bran and milk to a church potluck.


@taylah.brie :
An entire table covered in a different variations of egg sandwiches.


@trevdantay :
Weirdest food was someone brought a loaf of bread. Not a homemade loaf but like someone was on their way to church and remembered the potluck and either grabbed a store bought loaf on their way out the door or actually stopped off and bought a loaf on their way.


@__hannahbanana__25 :
Corn bread salad. It's chunks of cornbread mixed with a mayo based dressing, tomatoes, beans, olives and some onion. Very strange.


Pretty bizarre stuff, right? Disregarding the weird dishes that are served, potlucks were always a fun time of getting together for fellowship and learning more about each other, and they’ve giving me many memories that I will be able to cherish for the rest of my life.


-Michael Schaffer (@mchaelschaffer)
Creator and Content Lead of Memes For Jesus


(Oh, and special shoutout to Brenda Brown’s homemade mac’n’cheese. Phenomenal.)

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